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Vetreria Riccionese delivered a flawless job for the disco club Cocoricò with the Proliner

Vetreria Riccionese is a company from Riccione, in Italy, with experience in the art of glass processing since the beginning of the last century (1922). Their best creations in the difficult glass art  industry takes shape from the continuous collaboration with the major national and international brands and from the operational synergy with the best designers. Recently they successfully completed a project for Cocoricò, one of the most famous clubs in Italy, on the hills of Riccione.

The Pyramid of Cocoricò has been a local symbol of Italian techno music since 1989 and it has gained a growing reputation over time, so much so that it is defined “a monumental Mecca of dance music”. In the “Top 100 clubs” ranking drawn up by DJ Magazine in 2015 it was ranked first among Italian discos and 16th place among discos all over the world. Over the years DJs of the caliber of Armin van Buuren, Vini Vici, Martin Garrix, Deadmau5, Marshmello and Tiësto have played at Cocoricò.

With the help of the Proliner Glass package, Vetreria Riccionese managed to properly deliver a restauration in the imposing and epic Egyptian-styled pyramid-shaped glass structure (the canopy), which is the symbol of the disco.


Prodim-Proliner-Vetreria -Riccionese-Cocorico-Glass

Owner Alessandro is happy in sharing his experience: “Thirty one years ago I was involved in the same project for Cocoricò. But at that time, I spent one month just in making the manual templates with wooden strips, glue, screws and yet, several pieces had to be modified during the installation. It took me a lot of time and work. Thirty one years later, again at Cocoricò, my son Nicola, with the help of the Proliner, quickly detected hundred and fifty one broken triangular glasses, each one unique. At the time of assembly, there was not a single wrong piece and not one had to be modified on site. With the digital templates created with the Proliner, we also managed to fit the production pieces – without any deviations – onto the Pilkington Pyroshield ™ 2 glass, which are very delicate and have a high cost. There were no hassles during the work!”

He kept going: “We can easily guarantee that, three decades later, we were able to improve the efficiency and the fastness of the lead process in 100% with this great digital templating machine; the Proliner! The current state of the pyramid glass structure is certainly much better than the one thirty one years ago. It is perfect!”


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