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Prodim Proliner user Karatzi Sails

Karatzi Sails: “The Proliner allows us to work streamlined!”

Karatzi Sails, located in Lavrio, Greece, is a company operating since 1986 in the field of yachting, first repairing and then fabricating tents, covers, upholstery, awnings, cushions, carpets and sail for boats. After having heard good experiences about the Proliner, they decided to invest in the Proliner Canvas package.

Achileas from the company: “Before, we used a scanner machine and it did not work good for us. With the Proliner, everything is working very well. We don’t have any problems with it. On the contrary, the Proliner solves our problems: no more use of manual molds, high precision measurements and time/costs saving.”

He continues: “We are happy to say that the lead time has decreased a lot and the continuity of our whole company’s work has increased. The Proliner allows us to work streamlined. The software to finalize digital templates for production is also easy and practical to work with and enables us to reuse project files for other projects. We are very satisfied with the Proliner Canvas package!”

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