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Prodim Proliner user Caraibestone Wed demo

Caraibestone: “It is unthinkable to work without the Proliner!”

Caraibestone, from Martinique, is a company specialized in the renovation and production of kitchens, countertops, bathrooms, shower back walls and washbasins. They had already invested in a Proliner Stone package and decided to go for the second since it is very practical and easy to use.

Azria from the company: “The Proliner is a super product! The precision level it manages to deliver during the measurements and the working speed is great! Besides that, in the near future, we want to use the Proliner templates as direct input for our CNC machine, since we can directly export digital files for production. It saves time and creates the perfect workflow.’’

He kept going: “We got to know the Proliner through another customer from Prodim and they are also are very satisfied. It is unthinkable to work without it!’’

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