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Prodim Proliner user Marbres et Tendances

The Proliner offers significant advantages for Marbres et Tendances

Marbres et Tendances is a French fabricator and installer of customized natural stone products ranging from countertops to stairs, pavements and fireplaces. Jérôme from the company:

“We have worked with laser technology for our measurement projects, but we did not trust the results since it isn’t a very accurate measurement device. A visit to the Marmomacc fair introduced us to the Proliner, which immediately showed us the many advantages this device offers. Therefore we invested in the Proliner Stone Package.

The Proliner not only makes very precise digital templates, but we can measure big pieces too, whereas in the past we had to divide very large pieces into smaller ones to be able to measure them. Another important thing is that we always show our customers the results of the templates after the measurement in case any improvements have to be made. With the Proliner we can edit digital templates on-site and immediately show the results on-screen, which saves us 2 hours. Overall, the Proliner and its software is the best measurement tool we could find.”


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