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Prodim Proliner user Potteau Labo

Potteau Labo’s projects are carried out more efficient because of the Proliner

Potteau Labo is the market leader in Belgium in the field of laboratory furniture for hospitals and educational institutes, as well as for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry. Over the years they have expanded their portfolio with interior for luxury hotels, museums and different types of inner doors as part of the project. Potteau Labo invested in a Proliner CS to change over to digital templating.

Domien Meire and Michiel Tijtgat from Potteau Labo: “We need to know every detail of the on-site location to be able to design and fabricate perfect fitting furniture. The Proliner is the only device that can capture all the details and due to its flexibility we can create digital templates for entire projects. We are going to use the Proliner for measuring door and window frames, cabinets, countertops, wall shapes and details.

Using the Proliner will save us time and reduces the chance of mistakes, because it is faster and more reliable than using physical templates. Due to the Proliner’s accuracy, we can now fabricate better fitting products with our Homag CNC machinery, resulting in less adaptations on-site. All-in-all the Proliner will enable us to go digital and helps improve the efficiency of our production process.”


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