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Prodim Proliner user LIKHOME

LIK HOME invests in the Proliner for the company to grow

LIK HOME is a start-up stone company from Tourcoing in France. They are specialized in kitchen and bathroom projects. Kevin Landrin of LIK HOME:

“We knew the Proliner from a templater who works for our company. He uses the Proliner to create digital templates for our kitchen and bathroom projects. In order for our company to grow we want to be able to create the digital templates ourselves. This will make our entire production process more efficient and we can provide a better service to our customer since the valuable knowledge gathered on-site during a measurement remains in-house.”

Kevin continues: “We compared the Proliner to laser measurement technology and concluded that measuring with the Proliner is faster and more accurate. In fact, we measured a kitchen island with a laser 3-times and got 3 different measurement results. Having already experienced the capacities and accuracy of the Proliner via our templater, we are confident that the Proliner is the best digital templating tool to help our company grow.”


Visit the LIK HOME website