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Prodim partner of Nuon Solar Team

Nuon Solar Team’s Nuna9 is measured and checked with the Proliner

After the successful use of the Proliner in 2015, Nuon Solar Team again asked Prodim for support during the building process of solar car Nuna9. The reigning champions of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge not only want to keep their title, but also want to improve the overall race performance. Therefore Nuna9 has to be perfect and Nuon Solar Team again wanted to use the Proliner for digital measuring and quality control.

Nuon Solar Team consists of 16 Students from the Technical University of Delft (NL). We invited two students to come to Prodim for Proliner training and provided them with tips on how to best use the Proliner for their purpose. We borrowed them a Proliner 10IS, which is our most accurate digital templating machine and well suited for reverse engineering and quality control.

The students used the Proliner to measure and create accurate 3D templates of the molds they produced and needed for the fabrication of Nuna9. The team then compared the digital templates of the molds with their computer designs to eliminate any deviations for getting the best aerodynamic performance. This way the Proliner helped Nuon Solar Team to accurately build several parts of Nuna9, including the top and under shell of the solar car.

We are proud that the Proliner again has been of great help for the Nuon Solar Team and of course wish them all the best during the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge!

Visit the Nuon Solar Team website for more information and the race results

Reveal of solar car Nuna9