Prodim 3D Printer user Huijbregts Food

Huijbregts Groep uses the Prodim XXL 3D printer to stay ahead of the competition

It was only a four minute walk for Billie Delfgaauw and Stan van der Heijden of Huijbregts Groep to Prodim for their 3D printer training.  Neighbor company Huijbregts Groep (Helmond, NL) processes powder ingredients for the food industry in a high-quality manner. Stan van der Heijden explains what they are going to use the Prodim 3D printer for:

“In order to achieve the high-quality powders we develop our own production facilities. This way we can keep ahead of the competition. The parts we develop for our machinery are often unique and therefore cannot be purchased. We use 3D printing for rapid-prototyping machine-parts to check if they work in practice and to create molds for our castings.

Recently we decided to invest in the Prodim XXL 3D printer because of its industrial build quality and the highly adaptable print setting options. This and the large print bed provides us with the opportunities we were looking for to take our rapid-prototyping to an even higher level.”


Huijbregts Groep website