Prodim 3D Printer user Walraven

Walraven chooses for Prodim 3D Printer at the RapidPro trade fair

The Walraven Group is an international company; they offer a complete range of electrical and mechanical fixings and fire protection systems. Walraven has their own production department and gives priority to the development and implementation of innovative ideas. Something that matches with the philosophy and potential behind the 3D printer: it can serve as a basis for both the presentation and realization of products.


Walraven has worked with 3D printing for a longer period of time in their research department but was ready for the next step. During the RapidPro 2016 Walraven has come into contact with the Prodim XXLPro 3D printer. Robert van der Mik, Product Development Technician at Walraven: “We were looking for a 3D printer that allows us to accelerate our innovative developments in the technical field. The XXLPro 3D printer is exactly what we are looking for because of the large build volume, the ability to print for hours on end and the two full metal dual extruders of the XXLPro. This allows us to print with (soluble) support material and make more complex prototypes.”


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