Prodim 3D printed the steering wheel for the URE race car

3D printed steering wheel for racing car URE

University Racing Team Eindhoven (URE) is building a Formula style racing car to compete in the Formula Student. Being their partner URE asked Prodim to 3D print the steering wheel for their racing car. Prodim is the supplier of professional high quality 3D printers, with an extra-large build volume. 

URE made the design of the steering wheel and sent it to Prodim, this is the largest part of the car that the URE is going to 3D print. They have chosen for 3D printing because of the low weight, strength,  electrical isolation and the ability to first make prototypes and use it for testing. The steering wheel is also used for the housing of electronics and to place multiple anchorages for the PCBs in the high voltage battery.

The compact steering wheel was printed with a density of 20% and it took about 24 hours (print speed was lowered) to completely print the file.  The steering wheel is designed to be compact, light and to house some of the electronical components. The used material to 3D print the steering wheel is ABS: a lightweight, durable and heat resistant filament (important because of the rising temperature during the race in a car).

The URE is going to test the printed steering wheel. After the test is completed Prodim will 3D print the final steering wheel that the URE will use during the “Formula Student” race.

Video 3D printing the steering wheel



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