"Having started using the Proliner and its Unfold software, we are now able to get a flat version of the curved glass. The end result is a file with drawings, which is ready to be sent to the glass cutting table. Using the Proliner, we no longer need to create templates for measurements. Moreover, the time for editing has been reduced and the accuracy of the measurements has been increased.”
                                           Magistral – Gus-Khustalnij (Russia)
"Digital support of manual processes gave me an increase in accuracy which I never could reach before. The chance of mistakes through inaccuracy has become minimal which improved our quality tremendously."

Peter Heijman - Glasatelier Oud Rijswijk (the Netherlands)

Prodim Unfold glass solution

Prodim Unfold measuring solution 

Easy measuring of glass
Prodim's dedication to the glass industry has resulted in the Prodim Unfold. This solution is suitable for the curved glass industry, for example, for manufacturers making windshields. By combining the Proliner and the Unfold you can digitize 3D shapes and at the same time, get the flat development of 3D shapes easily and fast. Compared to traditional methods, which imply a great loss of time, effort and often precision, Prodim Unfold is very powerful, accurate and fast, and at the same time easy and simple to use. 

Moreover, the Unfold 3.0 can preserve holes measured on the surface of the windshield glass and, in addition, can handle more extreme curvatures. As an additional check, the software includes a FEM analysis which determines whether the bending of the glass does not exceed the elasticity limits. At the end of the measuring, the user can print a report, listing the results of the calculations. The output is a clean and tangential CNC ready DXF file.

For this solution, we advise the Proliner Glass Unfold. This is a Proliner of the Proliner IS Series with modified features optimized for measuring bent glass and additional software.

Proliner & Unfold, the easy and fast way to measure and flatten bent glass.

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"After purchasing the Proliner we completely stopped creating templates. The Proliner helps us to simplify the measuring process and to increase production volume. In addition, the production process has been simplified. Instead of working four days on creating one template and get the finished digital drawings and technical documentation, we now take the exact dimensions of windshields of cars, tractors or tourist busses within an hour. The measurement can be made ready for production immediately!"

Trade Systems – Donetsk (Ukraine) 
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